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How to help Iraqi Refugees.....

> From: carolyn <ccdogmail at yahoo.com>
> Date: December 4, 2008 6:17:19 PM EST
> Hi,
> In December I will travel to Jordan in the hopes of recording the  
> stories of some Iraqi refugees. In planning for my trip, I have  
> been in conversation with Cathy Breen of Voices for Creative  
> Nonviolence. She encouraged me to solicit money and messages to  
> leave with each family I meet. Many of the refugees are out of  
> money, having to pay for rent and electricity and to buy food and  
> water while not being able to work legally.
> Cathy described facing "a moral crisis over two years ago as I  
> realized it was no longer possible to visit people, get their  
> stories, and walk away with nothing changing in their lives. I have  
> been going to the Middle East as part of Voices which never has  
> been, or will be, a relief organization. This is something I agree  
> with 100%. So I began to try and raise funds from concerned indivs./ 
> groups asking them to donate money and send a message with the  
> money. When I visit Iraqis I am now able to leave something, not  
> from myself, but from one of hundreds of thousands of peace  
> activists in the states who want to help in some way."
> One message Cathy shared was from a single mother from Chicago.  
> This mother had said, "'I wish rather than sending money, I could  
> offer you hospitality, that our children could play together...'   
> You can't imagine how much healing the words had."
> If you are interested in sending money and a message, I will  
> deliver it to the families I meet. You may give me contributions in  
> person or send them to: 190 Back Ridge Rd., Orland, ME 04472.  
> Checks should be sent, payable to me, by Dec. 18. Though I will not  
> be leaving money from myself as I document their stories, I would  
> gladly leave contributions from my community.
> Thank you,
> Carolyn Coe

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