[HCCN] REMINDER: Population mini-teach-in on January 9th in Augusta--Public is invited

Larry Dansinger rosc at psouth.net
Thu Dec 31 09:40:30 EST 2009


Overpopulation as an environmental and justice issue and what we in  
Maine can do

A mini-teach-in on population issues

Saturday, January 9th, 2010, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM, Maine Equal Justice  
Project Office, 126 Sewall St., Augusta, ME (across from the Maine  
State Capitol/Cross Office Building and the Maine State Library). If  
there is bad weather on January 9th, the snow date is January 10th,  
same time and place.

Why this educational and strategizing event?

There is increasing awareness and concern about human impact on our  
fragile environment. As 350.org events and climate change debates  
have demonstrated, we are beginning to look for ways to reduce our  
ecological footprint.

But, that debate has not extended to dealing with our current  
population growth. Overpopulation is an elephant in the room that few  
people in Maine and the US want to talk about at all! But, as you all  
well know, we have to talk about it, because if the world expands to  
the projected nine billion people by 2050, the chances of an  
environmental meltdown are much greater. Although most of the growth  
in numbers will likely be in other countries, our growth and US  
foreign policies toward population will have a big impact around the  

Talking about population needs to start NOW. It is a controversial  
subject. It needs to be a topic that we can bring up with  
environmental, social, and political organizations and, in a non- 
threatening way, with others in our neighborhood, local communities,  
and around the state of Maine. There are ways to raise consciousness  
without raising defensiveness and resistance; people don’t want to be  
told how many children to have.

We in Maine can create a conversation about population. How do we  
address the environmental and justice issues that overpopulation can  
create? Are there other events and resources--a conference, speakers,  
locally based resources, or any number of strategies, that we can  
develop in Maine?

We will start with a short teach-in (presentations plus discussions)  
on some problems caused by overpopulation with several Mainers who  
have educated themselves about this issue and worked on this issue in  
the past. That will be followed by a discussion of next steps, such  
as a larger educational event, organizing an advocacy group, etc. Our  
goal is to become more aware and educated about the issue and to  
develop some strategies or plans to continue the conversation.

If you are concerned about overpopulation in our country and beyond,  
please come with your ideas, questions and concerns.

For more information about this event and directions to the MEJP  
meeting room at 126 Sewall St., Augusta, contact Larry Dansinger, 161  
Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951, (207) 525-7776 or rosc at psouth.net.

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