[HCCN] Obama's Fast Start

Dexter Bellows hcdc at downeast.net
Sun Feb 1 21:40:55 EST 2009


Obama's Fast Start

....... Now, whatever else happens, a clear majority of voters in the  
United States have put their trust in a black man to lead us into what  
appears to be the roughest economic patch since the Great Depression.  
It isn’t the end of racism, as some Republicans have suggested, but  
from here on African-American parents won’t be jiving their kids when  
they tell them they can grow up to be president. Regardless of  
whatever else Barack Obama accomplishes in the next four years, he has  
raised aspirations.

And if Obama should win a second term, kids who are in the fourth  
grade this year will graduate from high school thinking there is  
nothing unusual about having a president who is black.

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