[HCCN] Where were the Economists ?

Dexter Bellows hcdc at downeast.net
Thu Feb 12 20:12:11 EST 2009


     A Media Matters study of Sunday talk shows and 12 cable news  
programs from January 25 through February 8 found that few economists  
have been given time on television to talk about the economic recovery  

	 During 139 1/2 hours of programming in which the economic recovery  
legislation was discussed, economists made 25 guest appearances out of  
a total of 460 -- only 5 percent.

As the country faced the next Great Depression, instead of hearing  
from people who were actually qualified to explain the ramifications  
of various economic proposals, we were treated to dueling talking  

  And even then, it wasn't a very fair fight considering Republicans  
out-represented Democrats on the talk show circuit by an overwhelming  

Dexter Bellows
Chair- Hancock County Democratic Committee
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