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Dick Atlee atlee at umd.edu
Mon Oct 5 14:40:48 EDT 2009

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Subject: 	It's baaaaak!
Date: 	Mon, 5 Oct 2009 11:31:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Arden Manning <exec at mainedems.org>

Dear Richard,

No matter how many times Mainers tell the right wing we don't want them
to harm Maine communities they just don't listen.

In 2004 an initiative was placed on the ballot by the right wing that
would hurt Maine families, schools, health care and take away local
control.  Mainers soundly rejected it.

In 2006, the right wing didn't like the answer Mainers gave them in
2004.  They again put a similar harmful initiative on the ballot in 2006
called TABOR.  Again Mainers soundly rejected it.

Once again, the right wing didn't like the answer Mainers gave them in
2004 or 2006 so they've put TABOR II on this November's ballot. They
just don't get it.

Join me in sending a message to the right wing by voting NO on Question 4!

To see the new television advertisement to defeat TABOR or get involved
in the campaign visit


Question 4 will only make tough times tougher for Maine!


Arden Manning, Executive Director
Maine Democratic Party

PS (Dick) From the VnoteNoOnTabor site, a link to an interview:


Kristi Hargrove is a Republican small business owner, mom, and PTA 
leader from Colorado. She's so passionate about TABOR and educating 
others about the damages it can do to education, health care, and 
communities, that she came to Maine to tour the state, talk to media, 
and share her experience with TABOR.

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