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The following from Jerry Call.  To save space, I've detached the three 
PDF poster/sign suggestions and included them as plain text at the end. 
  We may get a bit of snow tomorrow (Tuesday) morning (unlikely), but we 
already have too much Snowe in Maine...


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Subject: 	Bangor Rally Wed. noon!!!
Date: 	Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:09:07 -0400
From: 	MedicareForAll <medicare444all at gmail.com>
To: 	Call, Jerry <calljerry8 at gmail.com>

Dear Members of Maine Healthcare Reform and other Single Payer Supporters,

I know Maine Healthcare Reform has not supported MoveOn.org because of
their opposition to single payer.  However, this Wednesday the 14th, the
Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine and Maine Healthcare Reform
are conducting a rally/press conference to publicize MoveOn's data on
how much Sen. Snow has received in campaign contributions from the
healthcare industry.

We hope that Single Payer Supporters will attend and bring their SP
signs so that TV viewers will have no doubt about what the people of
Maine really want.  We have the 3'x6' SP banners but we need someone to
hold them up!

I will be speaking about the Jacob Hacker Public Option because I feel
it is imperative that people know that the public options in the current
bills are totally inadequate and bound to fail.  The Hacker Public
Option I believe has to be 'the line in the sand', and people need to
know the difference!  Congress, MoveOn and other organizations are
trying to label ANY provision what-so-ever as a "strong public option"
in order to claim success.  For the sake of all Americans we can not
allow that to happen.

                       HACKER PUBLIC OPTION:

1.  Must be open to EVERYONE, not just the few uninsured and small

2.  Subsidies for people with low income must be available for the
purchase of ONLY the Hacker Public Option.   Our taxes must not be used
to subsidize the private health insurance companies!

3. Must be pre-populated with a large number of policy holders.  Without
this, there is no way for this option to get off the ground; let alone
survive against the giant private insurance companies.

4.  Must be associated with Medicare to use their reimbursement rates
and infrastructure.

5.  The minimum benefits offered by the Hacker Public Option must be the
same for all privately offered plans.  This will prevent private
companies from offering ineffective "skeleton" plans at low prices.

Wednesday, the 14th
Senator Snowe's Bangor office
One Cumberland Place

(rain location is down the street at the P & J Center, 170 Park Street).

Thank you,


Jerry Call
One of the Baucus 13
Midcoast Health Care Reform/Maine Healthcare Reform
(207) 596-7784; Cell 542-8214

The Original Hacker Public Option
  * Everyone eligible
  * Subsidies only for Public Option
  * Pre-populated
  * Medicare reimbursement rates
  * Minimum coverage for all America
    HR 676

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