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Peter Rees rees909 at roadrunner.com
Fri Oct 16 10:37:21 EDT 2009

Dear Potential Community Partner,

Union River Healthy Communities has an opportunity to apply for physical activity and nutrition funding in partnership with the Maine CDC, from the Americana Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The goal is to reduce risk factors, prevent and/or delay chronic disease, and promote wellness. Focus areas of this grant are increasing physical activity, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, reducing salt and transfat intake, and reducing overweight/obesity prevalence. These areas of health promotion are consistent with work we've been engaged in for the past eight years, and with the community-led planning process that culminated in the 2009 Building Our Healthy Futures - A Community Health Improvement Plan. (You can download the plan on our website, www.healthycom.org.)

The funding opportunity is significant, very likely over a million dollars, which would come into our 16-town service area in the Ellsworth and Schoodic regions of Hancock County.

The preliminary application process was posted just a week ago, and we have less than a week to respond to the state. To be eligible for the first-round competition, we need a letter of support from "community leaders, city and county officials, school superintendents, local business association leaders, hospital directors, and other leaders of influence in the community" - including "all the mayors, county executives and equivalent government officials," demonstrating their commitment to supporting the initiative.

We regret this impersonal request, but in order to reach approximately 100 leaders such as yourself in just a few days, we are sending this request in hopes that you will provide us with a letter of support. You will find a template attached, but feel free to write your own if you have the time and the inclination.  If you are able to respond, we will need your letter by 4pm on Tuesday, October 20.

We are a Healthy Maine Partnership, and a program of Downeast Health Services, led by a citizen coalition dedicated to improving health through education, advocacy and action. We assist communities in their efforts to reduce teen alcohol use, to be tobacco free, physically active and to eat healthy foods.

I would be happy to speak with you, or meet with you to answer any questions. If you'd like a copy of the complete RFP, I will email it to you upon request.  

Thank you for your contributions to making the residents of Downeast Maine healthier. 




Helena Peterson RN MPH CPHQ

Director, Union River Healthy Communities


194 Main St.

Mail: 52 Christian Ridge Rd,

Ellsworth, ME 04605


207-667-5396 (fax)

email: healthy at downeasthealth.org

web: www.healthycom.org


A Healthy Maine Partnership and a program of Downeast Health Services
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