[HCCN] Support continuing anti-war rallies--support Lisa

Larry Dansinger rosc at psouth.net
Tue Oct 20 16:38:51 EDT 2009

Please pass along to others in your group or area:

Hello to peace and justice group supporters,

The October 17th rally in Boston was another way to pressure the Obama
administration and congresspeople, as well as a reminder to the people of
New England, to get the US out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and all the
other places it is part of the problem instead of the solution.

Thanks to the Peace and Justice Center in Bangor (esp. Ilze Petersons) and
to Lisa Savage of Code Pink for pulling together the buses to get to Boston.

I don't know about the Center, but my understanding is that Lisa financed a
bus herself and, while many of those who rode the bus, and some other people
and groups, did pay her some money, Lisa still has a debt of nearly $1,000.
She expects some more money to come in. But she'll take a financial hit for
being willing to finance and organize a bus for this event, unless we help
retire the debt. 

I plan to send her a donation: Lisa Savage, 30 Hole in the Wall Rd., Solon,
ME 04979 and encourage you to send her some money too. The organizer
shouldn't have to bear the brunt of any excess costs for doing the right
thing. And don't worry about her getting more than her money back. It will
go to Code Pink and for more actions toward ending these interventions.

Larry Dansinger
525-7776 or rosc at psouth.net 

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