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Below is a link to an article about a bond program for Energy  
Efficiency in schools and other government buildings in New Mexico. I  
forwarded this some of our local Maine legislators and got the  
following response from House Speaker Hannah Pingree.  Another reason  
(in addition to the income tax cut repeal referendum)  to work for a  
strong progressive turnout in the June elections.  I have appended a  
bit from the two sites Hannah has listed in her note.


Triennial Plan Goals:
Weatherize 100% of Maine residences and 50% of Maine businesses by 2030.
Achieve 30% electric energy savings, 30% natural gas savings and 20%  
heating fuels savings by 2020.
Capture all cost-effective energy efficiency resources available for  
electric and natural gas ratepayers.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling loads in  
Maine to at least 10% below 1990 levels by 2020, and ultimately 75 to  
85% below 2003 levels

Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program

The Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program, formerly the Maine  
Home Performance Program, offers incentives up to $3,000 to homeowners  
at all income levels for pre-approved energy-efficiency upgrades done  
by Participating Contractors. The program is funded by a grant from  
the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“Stimulus” dollars).

> We are on it!  We have a bond on the June ballot for energy  
> efficiency and the new Maine Efficiency Trust has a ton of stimulus $ 
> $ to help really jump start these programs – for local towns, for  
> low and middle income homeowners and businesses.  We also passed a  
> program that would allow towns to do financing programs via the  
> property tax with the backing of the state and a major Federal Dept  
> of Energy grant/bonds we are well positioned to receive.  Lots  
> happening in this area to make Maine a leader and create jobs.   
> Getting the word out to people about the state and federal rebates  
> and tax credits for home and business energy efficiency work is  
> probably our biggest challenge.  These programs are well funded for  
> now.
> http://www.efficiencymaine.com/
> http://www.efficiencymainetrust.org/

>> Hi All-
>> this could help with jobs as well....
>> Regards, Dexter
>> http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/4/9/855584/-Energy-EfficiencyRenewable-Energy-Bonds:-A-Local-Government-Imperative
>> New Mexico's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Bonding Act <http://en.openei.org/wiki/Energy_Efficiency_&_Renewable_Energy_Bond_Program_%28New_Mexico%29 
>> > , passed in 2005, established a revolving $20 million bond  
>> authority "to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy  
>> improvements in state government and school district buildings."  
>> The Act has a provision for "the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and  
>> Natural Resources Department [to] conduct an energy assessment of a  
>> building to determine specific efficiency measures which will  
>> result in energy and cost savings" on request from another state  
>> agency or school district.

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