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 From the MCLU, a request for a petition signature...

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Last year, the MCLU, in coalition with the NAACP and members of the
Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, worked to ban racial profiling
in Maine. From Eastport to Belfast to Portland, we heard countless
stories of humiliating and degrading racial profiling here in our state.

Ultimately, the bill in the Maine legislature did not ban racial
profiling, but it did establish a taskforce to study the issue. We all
hoped the taskforce would give voice to Mainers' experiences. That hope
faded as we waited over a year for the taskforce to be appointed,
missing the deadline for the taskforce's first report to the Legislature.

Not only is racial and religious profiling humiliating and degrading for
the people subjected to it, it is unconstitutional, it is an ineffective
law enforcement practice, and it damages community security. The MCLU
has joined a national campaign
to end racial profiling across the country. It's a big job, and we
could use your help with one concrete action today.

In the post-9/11 era, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued guidelines
to its agents on racial profiling. The guidelines are supposed to detail
to agents how to enforce the law without profiling. With all the
loopholes and omissions in the guidelines though, the guidelines result
in the very practice they are trying to avoid.

The 2003 DOJ Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Law Enforcement Agencies:

    * Allows for profiling based on religion and national origin;
    * Includes loopholes that allow profiling at borders in the name of
       "national security;"
    * Doesn't apply to all federal law enforcement activity;
    * Isn't enforceable; and
    * Doesn't consistently apply to state or local law enforcement
       agencies working in cooperation with federal agencies or receiving
       federal money.

Take a moment to sign the petition to the DOJ urging them to strengthen
the guidelines.


Our coalition partners in DC will deliver the petition to the DOJ at the
end of the month. We'd like Maine to be well represented in the
petition. Please sign your name and then forward the petition link to
five friends.

Thanks for all that you,

Alsyia, Brianna, Claire, Edward, Shenna, Zach

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