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Judith Robbins JUDY at ROBBINSandROBBINS.com
Wed Apr 21 07:18:45 EDT 2010

Please read this appeal for support, and if you would like to read  
and/or sign the statement in English, click on the British flag when  
you access the site. -- JR
(The porcuba group is based in Mexico.)

Begin forwarded message:
>> Dear Friend:
>> You can find online at http://www.porcuba.org/ a statement "En  
>> defensa de Cuba."  If you do not read Spanish, clicking on the  
>> middle flag will translate the statement into English.  The  
>> statement condemns the  economic and media assault that Cuba is  
>> being subjected to as an act against the human and political  
>> rights of a people that decided to forge a different path.   The  
>> signers  demand respect for the internal processes of the Cuban  
>> people in deciding and exercising its democracy, and adherence to  
>> the universal principles of no intervention, in accordance with  
>> the United Nations.
>> As I type this email the statement lists 24770 signers, but only  
>> 681 signers from the USA.  (And if you examine the list, you will  
>> note that a few of the USA signatures are duplicates.  The  
>> duplications  are obvious and obviously unintentional.)   Does  
>> this small number of signatures mean that the people of our  
>> country do not believe in justice?  Or that they are afraid to  
>> speak out?  Or that they believe the lies about Cuba that are  
>> being spread by the media assault, the Empire and its rulers?  If  
>> the latter is the case, we have a lot of work to do to combat the  
>> media assault.
>> Signers of his statement include such national figures as Noam  
>> Chomsky, the Rev. Lucius Walker Jr., Jane Franklin, Danny Glover,  
>> Saul Landau, Michael Parenti, Edward Asner, and Gloria La Riva.  A  
>> few of you who will receive this email have already signed, I  
>> know; and I beg your pardon for bothering you with this letter.  I  
>> think that maybe many who oppose imperialism do not know about  
>> this statement.  That is why I am sending this email.  If you have  
>> not yet signed the statement, I urge that you consider signing it   
>> and that you get others to sign.
>> Let me know if you have any problem signing.
>> Peace,
>> -juancho

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