[HCCN] GOP (Snowe and Collins) block financial reforms

Dexter Bellows dexter at downeast.net
Wed Apr 28 08:59:06 EDT 2010


As the Senate is about to vote (again) to begin debate on financial  
reform this comes from CNN's Jack Cafferty:

2/3 of Americans support financial reform, but Senate GOP blocks it

Despite the fact that two-thirds of Americans support tougher  
regulation of banks and Wall Street... Republicans have already voted  
unanimously to block financial reform from reaching the senate floor -  
and they might do it again minutes from now when another test vote  

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 65 percent of those surveyed  
want stricter financial reform. 31 percent are opposed.

The poll also shows majorities back two key parts of the senate  
bill... including greater government oversight of consumer loans...  
and a fund - paid for by the banks - that would help dismantle failing  
institutions. According to this poll, the public is split on letting  
the government regulate complex financial instruments knows as  
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