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If anyone is looking for a ride to Bangor on Saturday for the event,  
I would  be happy to post your request to our email lists. Please  
reply to judy at robbinsandrobbins.com

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> From: Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine <info at peacectr.org>
> Date: March 15, 2010 1:02:02 PM EDT
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> Subject: [Peacectr_list] Program for March 20th Teach-in in Bangor
> We look forward to  seeing you at the  Active Community Teach-in  
> (ACT) to Bring Our War $$ Home this Saturday in Bangor.  See the  
> program and speakers below.   The teach-in is being held in  
> solidarity with the national demonstration in Washington, D.C.  on  
> March 20th calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan and as part  
> of the Maine statewide campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home  
> (www.BringOurWarDollarsHome.org) and is co-sponsored by 15  
> organizations*.    The teach-in is free, but we encourage pre- 
> registration so that we can plan for seating and refreshments.  Let  
> us know if you plan to come.    And let us know if you have any  
> questions or  can bring finger food to share during the afternoon  
> break.
> Active Community Teach-in
> Bring Our War  $$ Home
> Saturday, March 20th  1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
> Unitarian Universalist Church
> 120 Park Street, Bangor
> 1:00 Judd Esty-Kendall folksongs
>         Introduction and Welcome
> 1:15 Keynote Speaker:  Mariam Atifa Raqib
> 2:00 Panelists, MaryAlice Horrigan, Gold Star Mother
>                Peter Kelmman, US Labor Against the War
>                  Mary Beth Sullivan, "Bring our War $$ Home" Coalition
> 3:00 Break  with refreshments
> 3:15 Songs and Poetry Introduction to Workshops
> 3:30 Workshops
>         Bring the war $$ Home - Bruce Gagnon, director of Global  
> Network Against Nuclear Weapons and Power in Space +
>         Creating People to People connections with Afghanistan-  
> Mariam Atifa  Raqib, President  of Afghanistan Samsortya, Boston +
>         Making Connection with Labor   -- Bill Murphy, Director of  
> Bureau of Labor Education at the University of Maine  and Peter  
> Kellman.     member of UAW Local 1981 (the Writers Union) and past- 
> president of      the Southern Maine Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
>         Promoting Alternatives to Military  Service -- Dan Avener,  
> President of Veterans for Peace, Jim Harney Chapter  and Will  
> Whitham, Bangor High School Senior
> 4:30   Report back and next steps summary
> Keynote Speaker:  Mariam Atifa Raqib
> Mariam Atifa Raqib, who was a member of the Afghanistan   Women's  
> Council in Afghanistan from 2006 - 2007 is now the   President of  
> the Afghanistan Samsortya, a non-profit Afghistan  Reforestation  
> Project based  in Boston, Massachusetts operating in Surkrhud  
> Distric near Jalalabad City in Eastern Afghanistan.   Raqib, is  
> currently a Ph.D. candidate in Law, Policy and  Society  at  
> Northeastern University. From l996-2007 she worked with the Afghan  
> Health and Social Assistance Organization in Peshawar, Pakistan.   
> In 2004 she toured three Afghan provinces to interview individuals  
> about key social development and education related topics.  She has  
> taught courses on Politics and Religion in the Muslim World and  
> War: A World Perspective at Simmons College and a seminar in World  
> Politics at Wells College.
> Panelists:
> MaryAlice Horrigan
> MaryAlice Horrigan, was born in Belfast Maine.  She is a member of  
> Pax Christi and Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine  in  Bangor  
> and the Peace & Justice  Group  Ellsworth.    She  graduated with  
> an RN degree from the Univ. of Maine at Augusta in 1975.   In l990  
> she ws  certified in Psychiatric Nursing in and worked as a Nursing  
> Supervisor in a Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Austin, Texas for 15  
> years.  Where she says, "We had begun to receive the overflow of  
> patients from the Iraq war before I left to return home to Maine".   
> She was married to her first husband, a Korea and Vietnam veteran,  
> who suffered from PTSD, and who died in 1995 .  She is the  mother  
> of 4 children, 3 of those sons were   born at Loring AFB.   
> MaryAlice is the mother of Master Sgt. Robert M. Horrigan, Delta  
> Force,  who was killed in AL Quaim Iraq, June 2005, on his 5th tour  
> of Iraq, and with less than 10 days to go on that tour.  He was  
> slated for retirement that summer, after serving 20 years.
> Peter Kellman
> Peter lives in North Berwick, Maine.  H is a member of UAW Local  
> 1981 (the Writers Union) and past-president of the Southern Maine  
> Labor Council, AFL-CIO. He writes about and has taught labor  
> history at the University of Southern Maine and the Heartwood  
> College of Art.He is presently working for the Maine AFL-CIO as the  
> Rapid Response coordinator of the Dislocated Workers Program and is  
> the shop steward for Local 1445 United Food and Commercial Workers  
> Union which represents the staff at the State AFL-CIO.He is past  
> president of ACTWU Shoe Workers Local 82, Sanford, Maine was the  
> director of the New Hampshire Committee on Occupational Safety and  
> Health and is a past president of the Maine Labor Group on Health.  
> He has been involved in a number of strikes most notably the  
> 1987-88 strike against the International Paper Company in Jay,  
> Maine.  He has authored three books including Pain On Their Faces.  
> NY: Apex Press, 1999;Building Unions: Past, Present and Future. NY:  
> Apex Press, 2001;Divided We Fall - The Story of the Paperworkers  
> Union and the Future of Labor. NY: Apex Press, 2004.
> Mary Beth Sullivan
> Mary Beth Sullivan currently works as a social worker at Preble  
> Street in Portland, Maine, seeking housing for homeless people. She  
> and others have created an "intentional community," in Bath Maine   
> which they call the Addams-Melman House - invoking the spirit of  
> Jane Addams, a founder of Social Work and the Women's International  
> League for Peace and Freedom; and Seymour Melman, the grandfather  
> of the movement to convert from a permanent war economy to an  
> economy of peace. She spent five years in Massachusetts doing  
> social policy research on programs serving low-income people; she  
> subsequently lived in Florida and Maine in jobs working with low- 
> income women and children; and children with disabilities and their  
> families. She walked much of the state of Florida with the Florida  
> Coalition for Peace and Justice's 1996 "Walk for the Earth. In June  
> 2008 she participated in an extended hunger strike to support the  
> people of the Czech Republic who oppose the establishment in their  
> country of a U.S. radar facility to support Star Wars systems.
> *Co-sponsoring Organizations:
> Co-sponsors include Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine;  
> Veterans for Peace, Jim Harney, Chapter;  Social Justice Committee  
> of the Unitarian Universalist Church  of Bangor; Pax Christi,  
> Maine; Peace & Justice of Northern Maine (Aroostook County); Work  
> for Peace (Washington County), Peace & Justice Group of Waldo  
> County; Waterville Area Bridges for Peace and Justice; Global  
> Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space; Maine Peace &  
> Justice in Israel/Palestine; The Progressive Agenda; Peninsula  
> Peace & justice, Maine People's Alliance and Food AND Medicine,  
> Peace & Social Action Committee Unitarian Universalist Church,  
> Ellworth.
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