[HCCN] Fwd: Please call Rep. Michaud today re health care

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Sat Mar 20 13:29:52 EDT 2010

Both Phil and I called yesterday and he had NOT decided -- we have to pass  
this bill for the sake of so many Americans who need this care. Yes, it is 
NOT  perfect, but it does some very important things and begins so many more 
--  PLEASE call today
Pam Person
Orland ME
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Subj: Drop whatever you're  doing

Calls needed from Orland: 3

Dear MoveOn member, 
This is it: The FINAL House health care vote is  tomorrow—and it could come 
down to one vote.  
It's crucial that your representative, Mike Michaud, votes  "yes"—but it's 
not at all clear yet what he'll do.1  
And with right-wing reform opponents barraging  Congress this week, he 
needs to hear from you and other voters in favor of  reform before the big vote. 
We've set a goal of making 3 calls to Rep. Michaud  from people in Orland 
before the vote—can you  pick up the phone and make a call right now?  
Representative Mike Michaud
Phone:  202-225-6306
To help track our progress, click here after you  call: 
Thank you for all you do.  
–Kat, Carrie, Wes, Laura, and the rest of the team 
P.S. Can you also  post on Rep. Michaud's Facebook wall? More and  more 
members of Congress are paying a lot of attention to Facebook, so if a  whole 
bunch of us write messages, it'll really get his attention. Click here  to 
see his Facebook page: 
To post a comment, you first need to click "Become  a Fan." Then write your 
comment into the box that says "Write something..."  and click "Share." 
1. "WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the  healthcare reform bill," 
The Hill, March 19, 2010  
"Who's in play: House health-care vote," The  Washington Post, accessed 
March 19, 2010 
Want to support our  work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members—
no corporate  contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff 
ensures that small  contributions go a long way. _Chip  in here_ 
(http://political.moveon.org/donate/email.html?id=19479-311002-1q0sZLx&t=3) .  
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authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. This email was sent  to 
Pamela Person on March 20, 2010. To change your email address or update  your 
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