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> From: Jane Hamsher <firedoglakeaction at gmail.com>
> Date: March 22, 2010 7:12:51 PM EDT
> To: judy at robbinsandrobbins.com
> Subject: Thanks for signing - now pass it on
> Thanks so much for signing our petition telling Michael Bennet to  
> introduce the public option in the Senate.
> Forward the email below to your friends and family and ask them to  
> do the same.
> Thanks!
> --Jane Hamsher
> Firedoglake.com
> P.S. - If you're on Twitter, tweet this, too:
> Tell @BennetForCO: introduce the public option for a vote in the  
> senate.  Sign the petition: http://fdl.me/bennetPO #hcr from  
> @firedoglake
> ---
> Hi,
> I have some important news about the public option.
> If the health care bill passes the House, is signed by the  
> President and returns to the Senate for tweaks and fixes, all it  
> takes is one Senator to introduce a public option amendment.  But  
> so far, no one's stepping up to the plate.
> Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado led the effort to show that a  
> majority in the Senate supports the public option. Was it all for  
> show? Did Michael Bennet only champion the public option when he  
> thought it didn't matter?
> Sign our petition to Michael Bennet: show your commitment to the  
> public option. Introduce the public option for  a vote during next  
> week's Senate debate.
> Click here to sign: http://action.firedoglake.com/page/s/bennetPO? 
> source=fwd
> First we couldn't have a vote in the Senate because there weren't  
> 60 votes. Then we needed 50 votes. But once there were 50 Senators  
> publicly willing to support one, Senate leadership began whipping  
> against anyone who wanted to introduce a public option amendment at  
> all.
> But if Bennet introduces the public option during next week's  
> debate, according to its own rules the Senate has to hold a vote.
> Bennet's recent efforts led to 51 Senators saying they would like  
> to vote for a public option. We don't know if all 51 will  follow  
> through and vote yes, however. We do know that, after months of  
> being told that everyone supports a public option but "the votes  
> just aren't there," we need to see who can keep that commitment.
> This is our only chance if we want to have a vote on a public option.
> Will Michael Bennet show his leadership and force a vote for a  
> public option? Or is his opponent, Andrew Romanoff, someone who is  
> more likely to stand up to leadership and stick to his guns in the  
> Senate?
> Tell Senator Michael Bennet to introduce the public option for a  
> vote in the Senate.  We'll deliver your signatures to him on  
> Tuesday.  Sign here:
> http://action.firedoglake.com/page/s/bennetPO?source=fwd
> Thanks for your support.

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