[HCCN] Solitary Confinement Bill -- we need your Action Today

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Tue Mar 30 08:00:32 EDT 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters of ending the abuse of solitary confinement in Maine Prisons:

Today, LD 1611 An Act to Ensure the Humane Treatment of Special Management Prisoners will be caucused by the Democratic Party at lunch and then most likely voted on in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

During caucus is when members of each report advocate their position to the rest of their party.  Representative Schatz will be taking a strong message from all of us for the reasons that STATUTE and not a RESOLVE DIRECTING THE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS TO LOOK AT ITSELF is the route that the Maine State Legislature should be taking regarding this issue.

We need you to help generate support for Representative Schatz leading into the caucus.  I think that maybe Spike Lee said it best..."DO THE RIGHT THING."  And our elected officials need to hear from you.

Call the Clerk's Office THIS MORNING and AFTERNOON (207-287-1400 or and leave a message for your legislator who you can find here (http://www.maine.gov/legis/house/townlist.htm#A).

Leave your 1) name 2) address and 3) support the Nutting/Schatz report on LD 1611!

The Clerk will get them the message before caucus and the vote.  

Get a friend(s) to call as well.  If you can make it to Augusta please come!
I am available via text/phone to help answer any questions

Emily Posner
Mainers Against the Abuse of Solitary Confinement

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