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Larry Dansinger

 From Chad Nicholson:

The Daniel Pennock Democracy School

An essential 1-day intensive for community activists, elected  
officials, and concerned citizens who want to enact positive,  
fundamental protection for their communities and environment.   
Democracy School explores the limits of conventional regulatory  
organizing and offers a new organizing model to reframe exhausting  
and often discouraging single issue work (such as opposing corporate  
water withdrawals, wind farms, factory farms, etc.) in a way that  
confronts corporate control on a powerful single front: people’s  
constitutional rights.

Saturday, October 30 8:30am-5pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast

Tuition: $100, includes curriculum

Scholarships available, please inquire

…Learn how communities in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine are  
seizing local lawmaking authority to build their own environmentally  
and economically sustainable communities, and how they’re making  
democracy real.

…Learn why large corporations seemingly possess more rights than the  
communities in which they do business, and why communities lack the  
authority to say “no” to projects that they don’t want.

…Learn why local governments are more often on the side of  
development and other corporations, rather on the side of their own  

What Folks are Saying About Democracy School…

"I learned in Democracy School that no group in our country has ever  
received the rights they believed were theirs without a very intense  
struggle. I learned that the people in my small Maine town could move  
towards a much more sustainable future by exercising the rights given  
to us in our Constitution, by re-examining the ways that we lose  
those rights, and by using the tools offered to build a sustainable  
community and enhance our lives in Monroe.”

-Allyn Beecher, Monroe

“If you take no other training this year, do the Democracy School. It  
is a superlative unfolding revelation

of how corporations have hijacked democracy. It meticulously  
deconstructs the historical arc that brought

us to this precipice. But most importantly, it then departs into the  
highly pragmatic and inspiring work now

underway that is slowly turning the tide. . . This Second American  
Revolution may be the most important

political work going on anywhere in the country or the world.”

-Kenny Ausubel, Democracy School ‘05, Founder and Co-Executive  
Director, Bioneers

Democracy School Lecturers

Ben Price, Projects Director, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Gail Darrell, New England Community Organizer, Community  
Environmental Legal Defense Fund

TO REGISTER: Contact Chad, at chad at celdf.org, or 207.541.3649
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