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*Recognizing & Reporting Signs of Stress in Families for *

*Mandated Reporters of Suspected Child Abuse*

In Maine, many adults, while acting in a professional capacity, are 
mandated by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the 
Department of Health and Human Services. These professions include: 
medical & dental personnel, school personnel, social workers & mental 
health professionals, camp counselors, child care personnel, law 
enforcement, municipal fire inspectors & code enforcement officials, 
clergy, court-appointed guardian ad litems and humane agents. Anyone 
suspecting child maltreatment is encouraged to report, as well.

On *_Thursday, November 11, 2010, 8:30am to 11:30_*, the Hancock County 
Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health Services, will provide 
training for mandated reporters at the Down East Family YMCA Moore 
School child care facility, State Street, Ellsworth. This is an 
excellent opportunity for teachers and other childcare professionals who 
may have the day off from their primary responsibilities to attend this 
hands-on training. Do you drive a school bus? During last year's 
legislative session, school bus drivers and bus attendants were added to 
the list of professional mandated reporters.

This presentation includes the latest changes to the law, and will 
provide you with a basic framework for recognizing child abuse and 
neglect and the various indicators of physical abuse, sexual abuse, 
neglect and emotional maltreatment. You will learn when to report, how 
to make a report, what to do if it's an urgent situation, what happens 
after you file a report, and how to protect children and support 
families. This training is free, but pre-registration is required, so 
please register early by calling Candy Eaton at 667-5304 ext. 261.

For more than twenty years, the Hancock County Children's Council has 
worked to PREVENT child abuse and neglect in all its forms. /Physical 
abuse/ is a non-accidental injury or pattern of injuries to a child. 
These injuries may include, but are not limited to severe beatings, 
burns, human bites or strangulation. /Emotional abuse /is a pattern of 
behavior that attacks a child's emotional development and sense of 
self-worth. Examples include constant criticizing, belittling and 
providing no love, support or guidance. /Sexual abuse /is the 
exploitation of a child for the sexual gratification of another as in 
rape, incest, fondling of the genitals, exhibitionism or pornography. 
Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by someone they know. We can 
help protect children by teaching them they have a right to privacy, not 
to keep secrets, and believe a child who confides in you. /Neglect /is 
not providing children with the care or protection they need.

The Hancock County Children's Council collaborates with many local and 
statewide partners to strengthen families and support communities in 
nurturing all children. The Council has an extensive collection of books 
and videotapes on subjects designed to help children and families live 
healthier lives. The Family Resource Center Library is available to all 
residents in Hancock County and is located at Downeast Health Services, 
52 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, ME. Please call 667-5304 ext. 261, 
email children at downeasthealth.org <mailto:children at downeasthealth.org> 
or visit our website at www.downeasthealth.org for additional 
information on parenting classes, child development and family resources 
available in Hancock County.

/Candy Eaton, Program Director
Hancock County Children's Council
a program of Downeast Health Services Inc.
52 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, ME  04605/
/207-667-5304, ext. 261 /
/children at downeasthealth.org/ <mailto:children at downeasthealth.org>
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