[HCCN] Buddhist Nun Anoja

Hugh J. Curran Hugh_J._Curran at umit.maine.edu
Sun Sep 12 16:45:45 EDT 2010

The Morgan Bay Zendo will be hosting Sr. Anoja, a Buddhist nun from Katmandu, Nepal. She will give a talk with Q & A on Sunday, September 19
from 10 am - 11 am. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Morgan Bay Zendo is located on Rte 176 (Morgan Bay Rd), 2.5 miles from the corner of Rte 172 & Rte 176. For further information you can e-mail: hugh.curran at umit.maine.edu.

A Zen-Yoga Retreat with John Yasenchak & Hugh Curran will be held on Saturday, October 16 from 9 am - 5 pm. Participants can stay overnight if they wish. Lunch is pot luck. Check www.morganbayzendo.org for further information or e-mail
hugh.curran at umit.maine.edu



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