[HCCN] more revelations on Murdoch/Fox/NOTW

Dexter Bellows dexterrbellows at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 10:12:40 EDT 2011

It is good to see that they are finally going to put a crimp in the Murdochs' media empire, which has been responsible for so much of the rightward drift in this country. The depths of their perfidy is breathtaking. Good to see that  US Attorney General Eric Holder is taking an interest.

.........."Last year, News Corp purchased Wireless Generation, a company which makes teaching assistance software, and hired former New York schools Chancellor Joel Klein to head it up. In a June interview with the Times, Murdoch seemed almost giddy at the prospects made available by his new acquisition:
You can get by with half as many teachers
As we reported in last month, Wireless Generation was awarded multi-million dollar no-bid contracts to provide these very systems to the New York school system.".........

Now Murdoch is flying drones as well as hacking, bribing and blackmailing.

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