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August 17, 2011; FOR IMMEDIATE 
RELEASE...........................................a pdf poster is available
CONTACT:/Candy Eaton, Program Director
Downeast Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health Services Inc.
52 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, ME  04605/
/207-667-5304, ext. 261; //children at downeasthealth.org/ 
<mailto:children at downeasthealth.org>

*"FREE Downeast Circle of Parents Monthly Support Groups"*

If you are a parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or other 
guardian caring for children, you are invited to join other caregivers 
in two monthly support groups held in Hancock and Washington 
counties.The Downeast Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health 
Services, is pleased to invite you to our new monthly "Circle of Parents 
Parent Café" group that will meet on 2^nd Tuesday of the month in 
Ellsworth, and the 3^rd Tuesday of the month in Machias.

If you are interested in participating in these FREE mutual support 
groups, please call Jamie Brooks at 667-5304 ext. 261.  Everyone is 
welcome.Share your story, meet others in your situation, and learn about 
resources and activities at the following locations:

·Downeast Health Services, 52 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, 
*_10:00am-11:30am_* on the second Tuesday of September through December 

·Downeast Health Services, 247 Main Street, Suite 2, Machias, 
*_10:00am-11:30am_* on the third Tuesday of September through December 2011.

Family Support American defines a family as a group of people who take 
responsibility for each other's well-being:parents, children, 
grandparents, partners, siblings, aunts, uncles, kin.Each family is 
different, and defining "family" is up to the family itself.

One of the principal values of mutual self-help support is the emphasis 
on parents as experts about their children.Caregivers give and receive 
support as they explore new ideas about parenting; learn new ways of 
coping with anger, frustration and disappointment that parenting can 
bring; and celebrate milestones in their journey toward being better 

There are no absolutes in parenting.Parents must find their own way as 
they evolve a parenting style that suits them.Because there is no 
curriculum or single prescribed method of parenting, caregivers are not 
put under pressure to conform, just to consider how different ways of 
approaching a situation might work for them.

Support groups often bring together caregivers representing different 
life stages as well as different family development stages.Not only can 
it be helpful for younger parents to have the experience of more 
seasoned parents to draw from, older parents are able to develop insight 
into the behavior of their adolescents from persons who have recently 
experienced that stage.

Throughout Hancock and Washington Counties, there are others who share 
many similar experiences and feelings.   Please call 667-5304 ext. 261, 
email children at downeasthealth.org <mailto:children at downeasthealth.org> 
or visit our website at www.downeasthealth.org 
<http://www.downeasthealth.org> for additional information on parenting 
classes, support groups and family resources available in Downeast Maine.

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