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The Downeast Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health Services, 
is pleased to announce a new 8-week Tuesday series for parents, 
guardians and others caring for toddlers beginning _September 13th at 
9:00-11:00am_ at Harrington Family Health Center, US Route 1, 
Harrington.If you are interested in participating in this FREE series, 
please call Jamie Brooks at 667-5304 ext. 261 or email: 
jbrooks at downeasthealth.org <mailto:jbrooks at downeasthealth.org> to 
reserve your place./Pre-registration required, but all are welcome/.

/"Positive Parenting during the Incredible Toddler Years"/will show you 
some of the ways that parents can nurture, teach and respond to their 
toddlers in sensitive ways that bring about their optimal social, 
emotional, physical and intellectual development.At one year of age, as 
babies change from infants to toddlers, there is a shift in the way they 
interact with their parents.Suddenly, your baby becomes aware of himself 
as an individual as well as aware of other fascinating and irresistible 
objects in his environment such as stuffed animals, rattles, dogs and 
toys.This stage is alternately endearing, entertaining, exhausting, and 
exasperating for parents.

Toddlers are making huge strides in all areas of development and need a 
great deal of patience, understanding and support to realize their full 
potential.Their ambition outstrips their skills in almost every area and 
they need a lot of guidance and help at this stage of their lives.You 
must demonstrate everything, getting down on your hands and knees to 
show and tell if necessary.And remember, they are endlessly curious.

Each week, we will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss 
and learn from each other about a specific topic specific to "The 
Incredible Years for Toddlers (1-3 years -- The Age of 
Exploration)".Linda Levesque, parent educator, will facilitate 
conversations about the following topics at Harrington Family Health Center:

·"Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships"

·"Promoting Toddlers' Language With Child-Directed Coaching"

·"Coaching Toddlers' Social and Emotional Competence"

·"Art of Effective Praise and Encouragement"

·"Spontaneous Incentives for Toddlers"

·"Handling Separation and Reunions With Toddlers"

·"Positive Discipline and Effective Limit Setting"

·"Positive Discipline -- Handling Misbehavior"

This course is based on well-established behavioral / social-learning 
and child development principles that describe how behaviors are learned 
and how they can be changed.At the core of this approach is the simple 
idea that people change as a result of the interactions they have on a 
daily basis with one another.In the first lesson, parents and other 
adults will learn how to play with a child.This seems like such an easy 
and straightforward task that most adults overlook the importance of 
developing good play skills.These skills, however, are some of the most 
important of all for fostering positive interactions with children and 
reducing behavior problems.Moreover, play is a time when adults can 
respond to children in ways that build a good self-concept and encourage 
social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Downeast Health Services Inc. seeks to provide all families with parent 
education and support.You learned how to parent an infant.Now, you need 
to "upgrade" your skills to parent a toddler.This is so that you can do 
a more difficult job equally well and feel good about doing it!Please 
call 667-5304 ext. 261,  or visit our website at www.downeasthealth.org 
<http://www.downeasthealth.org> for additional information on parenting 
classes, support groups and family resources available in Downeast 
Maine.This series is funded by the Maine Children's Trust.  For 
additional information, visit their website at www.mechildrenstrust.org 

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