[HCCN] Biennial Budget Public Hearing Guidance Monday March 7th through Friday March 11th

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From: "Dawson, Maureen" <Maureen.Dawson at legislature.maine.gov> 
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 15:10:50 -0500

Good Afternoon,

I’ve attached [and pasted in below] the detailed Public Hearing Schedule and guidance (also embedded below) for those members of the public who wish to testify next week at the Joint Public Hearing with the Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs and the Committee on Health Services. 

Note that the guidance is very similar to that given for those who testified during the first week of Budget Hearings with two exceptions: 1) The number of copies of testimony requested is now 45 (to accommodate an additional joint committee) and 2) There will be two sign up sheets on the 9th; one for the first five program blocks (Social Services, Children’s Services, Children’s Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury) which will be heard first and a second sign-up sheet for those who wish to testify on the Public Health programs and initiatives.  Public Health testimony will begin after those in the first group have finished testifying – sometime in the afternoon.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


Maureen S. Dawson, Principal Analyst

Office of Fiscal and Program Review

5 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0005

Voice: (207) 287-1635

Fax: (207) 287-6469

E-mail:  maureen.dawson at legislature.maine.gov


March 7th through March 11th

For those wishing to provide oral testimony:

·     Plan your testimony to be 3 minutes or less (this will be strictly enforced) – your written submittal can be as long as you want.

·     If you want to give the committee any written materials, submit 45 copies to the committee clerk for distribution.

·     Written testimony or back-up materials should include your name and contact information.

·     Go to the “sign-up” table at the second floor of the Statehouse

·     Fill in the sign-up sheet –note that on March 9th there will be a separate sign-up sheet for the “Public Health” section which will be heard after the previous sections.  Sign up for Public Health issues will begin at noon.

·     Get a number (Please do not lose it)

·     Make yourself at home in one of the “listening rooms” (they will be marked or ask one of the staff to direct you)

·     When it’s approaching your time to speak, the Chairs will call your number.

§   Make your way up to Room 228 of the Statehouse and follow the instructions of the doorkeeper.

§   When it’s your turn to speak give the committee clerk your number and any written materials you want distributed.

§   Speak for no more than 3 minutes.

§  Return to the “listening room” if you would like to continue to hear the proceedings.

If you do not want to give oral testimony but want to express your opinion:

Come to the 2nd floor of the Statehouse on the day of the hearing, fill out “Comment Sheet” and put it in the specially marked box.

Or send an e-mail to Carol.Tompkins at legislature.maine.gov and she will forward your comments to the committee members

Or mail your comment to AFA Committee c/o 5 Statehouse Station Augusta, ME 04333-0005

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