[HCCN] Fwd: April 9 - Bus to NYC

Judith Robbins JUDY at ROBBINSandROBBINS.com
Sat Mar 5 16:32:53 EST 2011

[Reminder: To learn more or reserve a seat on the bus, please contact  
sburke at midcoast.com
For a list of endorsers, see http://nepajac.org/Apri9Endorse.htm
For more info on the rally, see nationalpeaceconference.org ]

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> From: Steve Burke <sburke at midcoast.com>
> Date: March 5, 2011 3:58:01 PM EST
> To: Steve Burke <sburke at midcoast.com>
> Subject: April 9 - Bus to NYC (MC P&J Lists)
> Hi ... This goes out to people who expressed interest in going to  
> NYC on April 9 and to people who have asked us to reserve a seat or  
> seats for them on the bus.
> If you're going and you've sent your check, thanks!...if you want  
> to go and you haven't sent a check yet, please do it right away so  
> we can add your name to the passenger list. We need the $$ to pay  
> for the bus and to possibly lease additional buses.
> We're filling scholarship seats in the order they were applied for  
> and as the seats become available. As soon as we have a seat for  
> you we'll give you a call.
> We need to have the contact information for all passengers. Name -  
> email address - phone number - and where you would like to board -  
> Bangor, Rockland, Bath or Portland.
> Thanks, see you on the bus!...Steve

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