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> Press Release
> Contact (for Peninsula Peace and Justice): Steve Benson, 374 2357,  
> sbenson58 at gmail.com
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> Blue Hill, ME: At 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 25, “Theater of War,”  
> will be screened in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Public  
> Library, sponsored by Peninsula Peace and Justice.  Admission is free.
> “Theater Of War” focuses on a recent New York production of German  
> playwright Bertolt Brecht’s only play written in the United States,  
> “Mother Courage.”  Newly translated by Tony Kushner, this  
> production starred Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline, and was directed  
> by George C. Wolfe.  The film shows the production through various  
> stages of rehearsal, along with reflections from Streep, Wolfe,  
> Kushner, novelist Jay Cantor, and others.
> When he wrote "Mother Courage," Brecht was a political refugee from  
> the Third Reich.  The film illuminates the play, which is set in  
> the Thirty Years’ War, as a commentary on the challenges and costs  
> of civilians' life in wartime.  In the course of explaining  
> Brecht’s ideological and political commitments and the play’s  
> relation to social history, the film includes footage of Brecht’s  
> family life in exile and his interrogation by the House Un-American  
> Activities Committee.
> After the film, Bill Raiten, Artistic Director of the New Surry  
> Theatre, will lead discussion about whether and how theater can  
> respond to war or change how the world works.
> For more information, contact Steve Benson at 374-2357.

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