[HCCN] Bill to allow corporate federal prison in Milo

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A member of Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition has learned that a bill will be presented in this Maine legislative session to allow the town of Milo to decide whether to build a for-profit Corrections Corporation of America federal prison.  (See email below.) 

This proposed corporate-run federal prison -- which would have no Maine oversight for what goes on within its walls -- would house transient federal prisoners from out of state, including illegal immigrants, federal prisoners being held until placement elsewhere, etc. -- would cause enormous problems for Milo and for the entire state.   We have heard that it could house 1,000 or more people.

If you know anyone in Milo who would like to host a community information forum, please email maineprisoneradvocacy at yahoo.com 

Please write to your representatives to say that Mainers don't want private corporate prisons -- state or federal -- in our state.  We don't yet have an LD number.

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 Hey all,

 I had read that Senator Douglas Thomas had submitted a bill to build the Milo prison, so I emailed him.  this is what I got.

 "My bill hasn't come out of the revisers office yet, but all it attempts to do is to allow the town to decide if a private prison gets built. The jobs would be typical of jails and would include guards, cooks and administrators. It will come up this session."

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