[HCCN] Urgent Update: Senate votes TODAY funding WERU/MPBN

Dick Atlee atlee at umd.edu
Tue Mar 15 09:59:19 EDT 2011

The HJ Res 48 Matt mentions as being vital to WERU (and public 
broadcasting in general) has a section 248 which reads

'Sec. 248. Notwithstanding section 101, amounts are provided for 
'Department of Commerce--National Telecommunications and Information 
Administration--Public Telecommunications Facilities, Planning and 
Construction' at a rate for operations of ****** $0. ********
(emphasis added)

I called Snowe's office (202-224-5344) and asked about her support for 
public broadcasting and was told (after a check) that she DOES support 
it, so I pointed out the connection between that and this.

Collins' office (202-224-2523) said she had not made a statement on her 
feelings about public broadcasting, so I made sure they knew that Snowe 
had, and made sure the answerer got the details of HFRes48:248.

Call 'em TODAY. Great way to start the day!

Matthew Baya wrote, On 3/15/11 8:40 AM:
> Dear WERU Volunteers :
> Here are some talking points if you would like to email or call Senators 
> Snowe and Collins about the need for continued funding for the Public 
> Telecommunications Facilities Program (to which we have applied for a 
> grant that would help us acquire a much-needed replacement transmitter 
> for our obsolete and rapidly aging model).
> www.snowe.senate.gov/public <http://www.snowe.senate.gov/public>
> www.collins.senate.gov/public <http://www.collins.senate.gov/public>
> Senator _______:
> *Please do not support the elimination of the Public Telecommunications 
> Facilities Program, or PTFP in H.J. Res 48. *
> The elimination of funding for PTFP would have a dramatically negative 
> effect on public broadcasting stations across the country that rely on 
> PTFP matching funds to perform critical maintenance and upgrades to the 
> public broadcasting system infrastructure. 
> As a listener of WERU I strongly urge you to support the restoration of 
> funding for PTFP, which was funded at $20 million in FY10. 
> PTFP was created nearly 50 years ago and is the only source of ongoing 
> infrastructure assistance for television and radio public broadcasting 
> stations. 
> PTFP remains the only source of federal funding for communities looking 
> to establish or expand new public broadcasting stations and for stations 
> with facilities that have been devastated by natural or man-made disasters. 
> PTFP grants are competitive and require a local match, resulting in a 
> very successful public- private partnership.
> Elimination of PTFP would mean the loss of a potential $85,000 grant for 
> WERU's effort to acquire a much-needed replacement broadcast 
> transmitter, which would be a tremendous blow to the Community Radio 
> station. 
> Thank you for your time and consideration and again, I strongly urge 
> support for the restoration of the $20 million of funding for PTFP.
> _____________________________
> Matt Murphy
> General Manager
> WERU Community Radio 89.9 FM
> P.O. Box 170 / 1186 Acadia Highway
> East Orland, Maine 04431
> www.weru.org <http://www.weru.org/>
> matt at weru.org <mailto:matt at weru.org>
> <tel:%28207%29%20469-6600>(207) 469-6600 <tel:%28207%29%20469-6600> (office)
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