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[Friends: a worthwhile event. It's exciting to have Bernie Dwyer in  
E. Maine again -- JR]

> From: "William Whitney" <atwhit at roadrunner.com>
> Date: March 16, 2011 11:35:22 AM EDT
> Hello all,
> Bernie Dwyer returns to Brunswick. The Radio Havana journalist  
> talks about Cuba and shows her new film on covert U.S. War against  
> Cuba. We of the Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine invite you to meet  
> up with her, get an update on Cuba, and see Bernie’s new film. At:
> Thursday March 31, 2011 at 7:00 PM
> Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine
> We’ll have refreshments and literature. There’ll be time for  
> discussion.  Reporter Bernie Dwyer knows what she is talking about.  
> Five years ago in Brunswick she showed “Mission against Terror”,  
> her film about the Cuban Five. She returns now to provide an update  
> on Cuba and show her new film “The Day Diplomacy Died.”  It’s about  
> mercenaries in Cuba, alleged dissidents, who subsist off U.S. money.
> As you may know, the US has assaulted Cuba for over 50 years by  
> every means short of all – out war.  Cuba nevertheless has provided  
> for its people’s needs and taken solidarity to all corners of the  
> world. The U.S. government boasts of fighting terrorism, but has  
> allowed, even promoted, terrorist attacks on Cuba and jailed those  
> contesting U.S. terror. The cases of CIA terrorist Luis Posada and  
> the Cuban Five political prisoners are cases in point. In addition,  
> Washington spends millions on nourishing internal opposition in Cuba.
>  Bernie Dwyer is touring Canada and the United States to spread the  
> word about the hidden U.S. war on Cuba. DVD versions of her new  
> film will be available for purchase.
> For more information call me, Tom, at (207) 743-2183

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