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“For anyone interested in the continuing relevance of theater in a  
society dominated by momentary electronic impulses, in the  
responsibility of artists
in wartime and in the greatest anti-capitalist, anti-government,  
antiwar and anti-romantic playwright of the 20th century, Walter's  
cool, capable,
stimulating exploration is a must. Scenes of Streep, Wolfe and the  
cast in rehearsal are fascinating, and I especially appreciated  
Walter's wry,
Brechtian digressions into the less-heralded work of the costumers  
and prop-makers.”
– Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

The film Theater of War will be shown Friday evening at 7:00 at the  
Blue Hill LIbrary, part of Peninsula Peace & Justice winter film series.
Following the film there will be a discussion led by Bill Raiten of  
New Surry Theater. Everyone is invited. Refreshments will be served.

Below is an excerpt from the NYT review; the entire review can be  
read here: http://movies.nytimes.com/2008/12/24/movies/24war.html? 

"In his inspired, inspiring essayistic documentary “Theater of War,”  
the filmmaker John Walter jumps from art to history and politics and  
back again, from the theater of the streets to the theater of the  
stage, without pause. That makes the movie, which follows a Public  
Theater production in Central Park of Bertolt Brecht’s epic play  
“Mother Courage and Her Children,” tough to summarize, which is part  
of its appeal. Because while the movie is about a particular staging  
of “Mother Courage,” it is also about the war in Iraq, theater (and  
bicycle riding) as social protest, the necessity and futility of art,  
and the agonizing human failing that Mother Courage gives voice to in  
“The Song of the Great Capitulation.”

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