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> Friends
> I know the Libyan attack has divided the peace movement, but now  
> the situation is becoming clearer. What is really happening is  
> starting to be reported.  If you supported the no fly zone, I hope  
> as you read the article below that you will reconsider.  The facts  
> are becoming more clear and it is evident this is not about  
> democracy nor about a no fly zone.  It is becoming a western  
> intervention into Libya where there is a civil war between rebels  
> and the Gadhafi Regime.  It will not just be a few days, nor will  
> it be limited to air strikes.  There are reports that the U.S. has  
> had troops on the ground since the end of February and now has  
> 2,000 marines in Libya -- and more to come.  National Guard troops  
> are getting ready to deploy to Libya as well.
> Once again, lies and manipulations, playing on fears have led to  
> another war.  It is time for the peace movement to unite in  
> opposition to this war.
> KZ
> http://warisacrime.org/content/if-you-supported-no-fly-zone-time- 
> reconsider
> If You Supported the No Fly Zone, Time to Reconsider
> The Attack on Libya is Not Merely a No Fly Zone—But an Intervention  
> Into Libya
> By Kevin Zeese
> It was hard for some peace activists to look at the planned attack  
> by Col. Gadhafi on Libyan rebels and oppose the no fly zone  
> approved by the U.N. Col. Gadhafi is a vicious leader who promised  
> to make the streets run red with blood so this was an issue that  
> divided the peace community.
> Regardless of how you felt about the original no fly zone, how you  
> feel about the Gadhafi regime or the armed rebels fighting it, we  
> should all recognize that the United States, United Kingdom and  
> France are going further than a no fly zone and are intervening in  
> a civil war for their own reasons that have nothing to do with  
> defending democracy or other humanitarian goals. Already we are  
> seeing evidence of the broader mission beyond a no fly zone and  
> beyond what President Obama said would be a few days with no troops  
> on the ground.
> - While in Egypt this week Secretary Gates hinted that the war in  
> Libya may be open-ended.
> - There is confusion about the goals in Libya. Does it include  
> removal of Gadhafi as President Obama and Secretary Clinton have  
> said? Putting in place a democracy? Reaching those goals is beyond  
> the UN mandate and will get the U.S. into another quagmire.
> - While President Obama promised no troops on the ground in Libya,  
> there are reports that there are already 2,000 marines on the  
> ground in Libya.
> - Special Forces are developing a role in Libya. Even before the UN  
> resolution there were reports of U.S. “advisors” on the ground in  
> Libya in early March and Special Forces fighting with rebels in  
> late February, a month before the mandate.
> - The U.S. is planning on sending National Guard troops to Libya.  
> Is a longer war planned than has been admitted?
> - It is becoming more evident that this is a foreign intervention  
> into a civil war and we've had enough experience with that to know  
> that it will not end well. And, there is strong evidence that if  
> this is not already one, it will become a civil war because of  
> foreign intervention.
> - Due to the expansion of the attack beyond a no fly zone, which  
> the Arab League originally called for, the Arab League now opposes  
> the intervention because it is not a legitimate “no fly zone.” As  
> the Arab League president said, “What is happening in Libya differs  
> from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the  
> protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians.”
> - The “hidden agenda” of oil is rearing its ugly head again. Would  
> the U.S. be in Libya if it produced asparagus? Why isn’t the U.S.  
> opposing dictators in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia? Now that the  
> Libyan Air Force has been made unable to fight, what is the purpose  
> of the ongoing bombardment?
> - And, how many civilians will the U.S. kill to save civilians from  
> being killed? Already there are reports of widespread civilian  
> deaths as well as mistaken civilian deaths. Secretary Gates’ denial  
> of civilian deaths are hard to believe when nearly 200 missiles  
> have been launched into Libya.
> The Libyan attack raises a persistent issue in U.S. foreign policy.  
> The U.S. trained the Libyan military and provided them with  
> weapons, including $15 million in arms sales in FY 2009 alone. Now  
> the U.S. military is destroying that same military and the weapons  
> the U.S. sold them. Should the U.S., the largest arms merchant in  
> the world which sells nearly 70% of all weapons, be selling weapons  
> to despots, dictators and royalists who do not have the support of  
> their people? Doesn’t this ensure rebellions seeking democracy will  
> be met with lethal force and the U.S. may need to intervene for  
> “humanitarian” reasons? President Obama has produced record arms  
> sales, in particular the largest arms sale in history to one  
> country with $60 billion in sales to Saudi Arabia, another  
> unpopular regime among its people.
> Finally, the Constitutional issue of unilateral military attacks on  
> countries that are not a threat to the United States was violated  
> by the attack on Libya and needs to be faced up to. When he was  
> running for office, candidate Obama correctly said: “The President  
> does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally  
> authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve  
> stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” James  
> Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution wrote in 1795 that  
> Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, which put the power to  
> declare war and fund war in the hands of the legislature, was the  
> most important clause of the constitution.
> “The Constitution expressly and exclusively vests in the  
> Legislature the power of declaring a state of war [and] the power  
> of raising armies. A delegation of such powers [to the president]  
> would have struck, not only at the fabric of our Constitution, but  
> at the foundation of all well organized and well checked  
> governments. The separation of the power of declaring war from that  
> of conducting it, is wisely contrived to exclude the danger of its  
> being declared for the sake of its being conducted.”
> The founders had seen monarchs unilaterally declare war resulting  
> in mass deaths and economic ruin. Indeed, the U.S. with an already  
> fragile economy and stretched thin military faces those risks with  
> the Libyan war. Already the U.S. has used more than 150 Tomahawk  
> Cruise missiles against Libya, each one costing $1.5 million. On  
> the first day the U.S. spent an estimated $100 million on the  
> Libyan attack. And, people are estimating that the U.S. will spend  
> $1 billion in Libya in a very short time. This will all be borrowed  
> money and comes at a time when austerity measures are being put in  
> place by state and federal governments cutting basic services.
> Please call President Obama and give him your thoughts about Libya.  
> Tell him to avoid mission creep and another military quagmire. The  
> White House switchboard is 202-456-1414.
> Kevin Zeese is co-founder of Voters For Peace and directs Come Home  
> America which brings people from across the political spectrum to  
> oppose war and empire.cal spectrum to oppose war and empire.
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