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Judith Robbins JUDY at ROBBINSandROBBINS.com
Wed Mar 30 19:21:27 EDT 2011

> [This is a letter I sent to the Ellsworth American 2 weeks ago that  
> did not get published.-- JR]

> To the editor:
> Newspapers this week announced the sad news of the closing of  
> Orland Elementary School. Orland is one of many Maine community  
> schools to be closed in the past year; towns cite budget woes,  
> reduced federal and state aid, inability of citizens to shoulder  
> increased tax burdens. School closing is sad, but worse, it’s wrong.
>        Federal and state governments tell us that we are broke, but  
> that is far from the truth. There’s plenty of money for maintaining  
> and expanding the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now  
> Libya, as well as military expansion into Central/South America.  
> Representative Chellie Pingree a few days ago questioned General  
> Petraeus during his testimony to Congress, to ask whether taxpayer  
> dollars are being used appropriately. Pingree stated that Maine’s  
> share of the cost of the wars is $3.4 billion. The Orland School  
> closing will save the town $324,000, including teacher layoffs. The  
> taxpayers of Maine will spend $1.5 billion for proposed Department  
> of Defense spending, fiscal year 2012, an amount that would pay for  
> 26,755 elementary school teachers for one year (according to the  
> National Priorities Project).
>        On April 4 at 11 a.m., there will be a news conference in  
> Augusta at the Hall of Flags, where Mainers will speak out about  
> why it is crucial to bring our war dollars home, where they can be  
> used to fund the urgent needs of our communities. Children and  
> teachers must not be sacrificed for runaway military spending.
> Judy Robbins
> Sedgwick
> 326-4405 (h)
> 374-2187 (w)

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