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Subject: 	a sneak attack health care rollback
Date: 	Tue, 3 May 2011 12:28:46 -0400
From: 	Jennie Pirkl - Maine People's Alliance
<jennie at mainepeoplesalliance.org>

Friday, April 29th, Republicans and the big insurance companies launched
a surprise attack aimed at rolling back a wide range of health care
protections for people in Maine.

Republican leaders attached a complex, 29-page amendment to a bill
(LD1333) in the Insurance and Financial Services Committee, refused to
give members of the Committee or the public a chance to read or
understand the radical changes it contained, and rammed it through on a
party-line vote after less than an hour of debate.

  Now it's being rushed through the full Legislature! Sign the petition
here to help us stop this bill from becoming law.


The changes proposed in this bill would allow insurance companies to
charge more based on your age and where you live and insurers could
bypass Maine regulations by setting up shop in another state with weaker
protections and selling policies across state lines.

The bill would also allow insurers to refuse to cover some Mainers and
force them into a high-risk pool funded by the state. The result?
Insurance companies will get all the profit and the people of Maine
will bear the costs.

Even the bill's supporters admit that it was written by the insurance
companies and the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a right-wing political

This is an attack on seniors, the sick, small business owners, and
people who live in rural Maine.

We don't have much time!

Republican leaders are fast-tracking the bill to get it passed before
anyone figures out what they're doing. A vote in the legislature could
happen as early as Thursday!

Jennie Pirkl
MPA Health Care Organizer
565 Congress Street, Suite 200 | Portland, ME 04101 US

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