[HCCN] Peninsula Peace & Justice meeting notes

Judith Robbins jprobbins at myfairpoint.net
Thu Sep 8 18:15:17 EDT 2011

09 07 2011 Peninsula Peace and Justice meeting minutes
Present:  Bonnie, Carolyn, Steve, Ron, Peter

A press release is out and posters on their way to publicize a slide
presentation by Lisa Sullivan and Ken Jones, of the School of the Americas
Watch, on September 16 at Blue Hill Library, called ŒHonduras: Communities
in Resistance.¹

About 10 members of Island Peace and Justice and Peninsula Peace and Justice
gathered at Dud Hendrick¹s home on September 6 to plan the September 27
Bring Our War $$ Home concert, in which Voices for Peace and Rob Shetterly
will collaborate, using songs, narrative, and paintings. Bruce Gagnon will
also speak about BOW$$H, introduced by Dud.  PPJ members are encouraged to
appear at 6 pm that evening to help set up the event in Emlen Hall at the
Bay School on South Street in Blue Hill; those who like may bring
refreshments to share with people attending.  Donations will be accepted to
support BOW$$H, but no admission fee charged. Dud is doing the press
release, Siri Beckman is preparing posters, and Judy and Peter are creating
an informational program to distribute at the event. More information on
events related to this one, across the state, can be found at
bringourwardollarshome.org <http://bringourwardollarshome.org> .

To maintain the Memorial Field of Flags in Blue Hill, we plan to gather at 6
p.m. on Wednesday 9/21/11 to mow the perimeter and paths, pick up sticks,
and generally check on things.  Everyone is invited.

Steve will make sure There but for Fortune, a new documentary on the
activism and music of Phil Ochs, is present at the Howard Room in the Blue
Hill Library for showing at 7 on Friday, 9/26/11.  Peter and Judy will
prepare posters and press release.
We talked about options for film-focused events that may occur in coming

Next organizational meeting of PPJ will be Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at
6:30 p.m. in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Public Library.
-- Steve Benson

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