[HCCN] Friday: Honduras After the Coup, Looking to South America

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Friday Sept 16 7 p.m. Blue Hill Library: talk with Lisa Sullivan and Ken
Jones of School of the Americas Watch (soaw.org)

Talk: Somos Una America: Looking to Latin America to Save Ourselves
BLUE HILL-On September 16, at 7 p.m., Peninsula Peace and Justice will host
two speakers: Lisa Sullivan, the Latin America Coordinator for School of the
Americas Watch (SOAW), and Ken Jones, a professor of teacher education at
the University of Southern Maine. Sullivan will share insights on how people
in the US may learn from the people of Latin America. Jones will report back
on his delegation to Honduras earlier this year. They will be speaking at
the Blue Hill Public Library.

Lisa Sullivan has lived in Latin America for more than three decades. She
has visited 17 Latin American countries in the past five years, meeting with
leaders, including country presidents, to discuss the US-military-run School
of the Americas/WHINSEC, based in Columbus, Georgia. These meetings led to
the withdrawal of four of these countries from the combat training school.
Graduates from WHINSEC have been convicted for involvement in massacres,
rape, forced disappearances, and torture.
Ken Jones traveled to Honduras on a SOAW-delegation this May, during which
he met with human rights workers struggling against repression, teachers
striking against the privatization of education, and small family farmers
trying to hold onto their land. For more information, call 326-4405 and
visit www.soaw.org. All welcome.

Says Lisa:
Here is a favorite quote by Laura Carleson, who has been about the same
amount of time in Latin America as I (in Mexico). I keep it taped to my
³We no longer look to Latin America to save it; we look to Latin America to
help save ourselves. This completely changes the way we think about
solidarity. It's not about us helping them. It's about joining forces to
help all of us. It's about linking lives and minds to conceive of
life-sustaining alternatives and to make space for ourselves to build them,
creating physical spaces and political spaces in the all-enveloping global

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