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Here are the results of the budget vote:

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Subject: 	Roll Call
Date: 	Thu, 17 May 2012 11:30:16 -0400
From: 	Jennifer Lunden LCSW, LADC, CCS 
<center at thecenterforcreativehealing.com>

Hi All,

A number of you have asked me for a final tally on Tuesday's devastating
budget amendment. I wrote back to some to say that the vote went
straight down party lines, but I've since learned that is not completely
true. Here is the actual tally, from Ben Dudley of Maine Can Do Better
<http://www.mainecandobetter.org/>. Click on the links to see how your
legislators voted.

Thank you to the 150 or so of you who were able to participate in Maine
Can Do Better's  protest at the State House yesterday.

As dramatic as our demonstration was -- there's no denying that
everyone in the building *heard our voices*
-- there was just no way to persuade the majority not to pass this
dangerous and irresponsible budget.

In the Senate, all 19 Republicans voted for it; all the Democrats
(except for the two who were absent) and the lone independent opposed it
(roll call *#496*

In the House, 73 Republicans and 2 Democrats voted for it; 59
Democrats, 1 Republican and the lone independent opposed it (roll call

Fourteen members were absent.

Here's a *useful link*
you need help to find out who your legislators are.

I'm fortunate in that I can -- and will -- thank both my legislators
for their votes. How about you?

  Ben Dudley

You can sign up for the Maine Can Do Better mailing list here

In my rush to get these mailings out, I often forget things I wish I had
included. Last time, I neglected an important thank you, and that is to
all of you who took the time to reach out and contact Republican
legislators. This is good work, what you've done. If we are to take our
democracy back, we will need to continue to let our legislators know
that we are watching, and that when our voices are ignored we will take
what we see to the voting booths.

And finally, thanks to all of you who have reached out to me personally.
I can't tell you how much it motivates me to know that I have 9500
Mainers working alongside me, fighting for social justice.

Jennifer Lunden

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