[HCCN] Remembering the Cost of War on Memorial Day

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Sun May 27 21:22:59 EDT 2012

Remembering the Cost of War on Memorial Day

Thank you to all who were able to get out yesterday for the Iraq War Dead Memorial.
Thank you for the more than 30  people who planted over 5000 flags and prepared the 51 Dirigo flags; who pounded stakes and pulled up stakes, dug flower beds and planted so many beautiful perennials and flowers; to those who raked and weeded and mulched; those who brought donations of plants and soil and peat and compost and buckets of water; to the people who stopped by to have a look and stayed to help. Thank you to Doug for mowing the field (not once, but twice !); to Becky for painting the sign, always; to the Weekly Packet who sent someone to cover the event;  thank you to everyone for dedication, cheerfulness and good conversation.

On Monday Amy Goodman/Democracy Now will devote the show to coverage of the ceremony at the NATO conference where members of Iraq Vets Against the War spoke about their opposition to the wars and their sorrow, and tossed their medals over the fence. 

Listen on WERU fm 89.9 or at democracynow.org

Following is a link to an essay by Amy Goodman:
"Memorial Day: Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, Stop the Wars"


"How is the War Economy working for You?" -- Veterans for Peace

"How is the War Economy working for You?" -- Veterans for Peace

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