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Please send to others in your group or area. Thanks .

For all occupiers. Join the anniversary celebration, do your own in  
your area, or both:

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Hello Occupiers!

Join Occupy Augusta for a rendezvous to celebrate the one year  
anniversary of Occupy Augusta! It has almost been a full year since  
the beginning of Occupy Augusta and it is safe to say the experience  
of Occupy has affected all of us in some capacity. While Occupy  
Augusta as a group has dispersed through the year, we still hold many  
of the concerns we did when we began to Occupy last fall. Since  
Occupy many of us have gone on to continue to make a positive  
difference in our communities.

On Sunday, October 14th at 1:00pm in Capital Park members of Occupy  
Augusta will be gathering for a picnic in recognition of our one year  
anniversary.  We will be celebrating knowing each other, our shared  
experiences and the progress we have made. This will also serve as a  
great opportunity to reconnect (and connect as hopefully some new  
faces will be there) and to talk about the political/social work we  
have gone on to do and how others can become involved.

We hope to see everyone there. The chance to celebrate each other and  
our passions occurs all too infrequently, so don’t miss the  
opportunity. Bring food/drink to share if you would like or just  
bring yourself! Drummers needed!

Photos from Occupy Augusta can be found at
go to this gallery:

Occupy Augusta at Capitol Park in Maine

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