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Contents that follow:
1. Peninsula Peace & Justice notes July 3rd
2. Peninsula Peace & Justice notes June 5th
3. PPJ archive guidelines

Peninsula Peace & Justice meeting July 3rd, Ron King, Peter Robbins, Bonnie Preston, Lorenzo Mitchell, Judy Robbins
Ron began the meeting by playing a short story from This American Life, Out of the Woods by Ben Loory. The heart of the story is about different kinds of people getting along together. You can listen at: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/498/the-one-thing-youre-not-supposed-to-do?act=3#play

We re-capped Dud Hendrick's excellent presentation on Jeju Island last week, which drew a full house at Blue Hill Library. Dud will give more presentations in the weeks to come, it is hoped.

A number of films were presented as possibilities for the summer library film dates. A decision was taken to screen "The War on Whistleblowers" on Friday July 26. The film is available free and Judy will order a copy. We will ask Steve Benson to write a press release and Steve/Bonnie/Carolyn will be asked to coordinate the tasks for the evening. Peter will make a poster.

The film "Long Distance Revolutionary" the story of Mumia Abu-Jamal (a newly released film) will be screened on Friday, August 30th. John Miller has purchased a copy of the film, which is to be donated to the Blue Hill Library collection after the PPJ showing.

There was a discussion about caring for the Field of Flags, which is becoming overgrown and needs tending. Ron will check on the flowers and plantings and flags tomorrow, and Judy will do some weeding and trimming next week. Judy will contact Doug and Tony to see if either of them is available for a mowing of the perimeter and pathways this week or soon. Peter will update the number on the sign to read 6732 (US soldiers killed). It currently reads 6714 (from about a month ago).

The topic of vigils in the summer at the Field of Flags was revised to be "vigils in the fall" and will be discussed at a later meeting.

A reminder that a memorial service for Rufus Wanning is this Friday at 4 pm a the Blue Hill Congregational Church.

Judy and Peter talked about the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba for July 20th. This year's caravan is a very different model, with groups of caravanistas gathering in hub cities around the country and then flying to Mexico City, then on to Santiago, Cuba. The delegations will be carrying tools and aid and will form a work brigade in Santiago to help rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, which flattened much of Eastern Cuba. fmi: ifconews.org

Judy and Peter will be hosting a private house party next week in celebration of Cuba and the work of Pastors for Peace.

Lorenzo shared a collection of Alternative Radio cds, which he makes available to those who would like to listen to them. They include Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Amiri Baraka, Denis Kucinich, Arandati Roy, and more. 

We talked about clouds and the special color green that is enjoyed in early summer.

Next meeting on August 7 will be led by Bonnie; agenda items should be sent to her at bonniepreston at earthlink.net

notes by Judy

Organizational meeting of Peninsula Peace and Justice
06 05 2013                Howard Room, Blue Hill Public Library
Peter, Judy, Steve, Becky, Ron, Bonnie  
Peter, this meeting’s facilitator, shows a slide show Judy had made of signage they had stored away from activist experiences.  Beautiful.  We are inspired and amused.  Really good music, too.
During the discussion of options of what we might show, Judy made a list of films we might consider showing soon.  We hope to show The Invisible War on Friday 6/28. 
We will invite Dud to talk about and show imagery of his time on Jeju Island and discuss global militarization late this month or early in July.  Possibly, depending on his availability and preferences, this may occur instead of the film, on 6/28.
We have received close to the amount we need to pay for supplies for the current War Memorial Field Of Flags.  Judy will send out a low-key fundraising memo by email to encourage donations to complete these costs and to support activities of the organization. 
A strong turn-out of new and old hands helped set up the Field on June 1st.   Judy reported this in more detail by group email.  We discussed a while how the field looks and what will we need to do to support it.  
We thought about whether, how, and why to consider organizing and consolidating archives of PPJ activities.  As the organization has been active now for 14 years, a substantial impact has resulted over time in the cultural and ethical life of the community.  How this happened and what was attempted and achieved may be of interest in the future to researchers, activists, and others.  We consider scanning printed materials and also including texts that are already stored digitally to create a digital archive.  We may begin to ask various participants in PPJ organizational meetings and events to bring materials in that could be used to contribute to such an archive of the history of the organization and its processes and activities.  Steve volunteered to come up with a first draft of a list of the various different categories of things that could comprise a total collection of PPJ artifacts, whether these could be digitized conveniently or not (see below).
Minutes by Steve 

Minutes and notes/outlines of organizatrional meetings
            including lists of films we might show
Correspondence received and sent regarding or representing PPJ
Chronologies where possible of PPJ sponsored events
News clippings
            composed by or for PPJ regarding events and issues
            by others who are documenting PPJ activities
Written statements that had been presented at PPJ sponsored events
            by persons chosen to present in any way
Posters for films, speakers, and other events
Photographs of events, field of flags, other installations by PPJ
Signs and other physical artifacts of PPJ sponsored activities
Videos, powerpoints, or other complex temporal graphic documents
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