[HCCN] fw: The Real Story of the Cuban Five

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Fri Jul 19 09:48:47 EDT 2013

Read Tom Whitney's excellent book review on Counterpunch:

  Weekend Edition July 19-21, 2013
Stephen Kimber's "What Lies Across the Water"
The Real Story of the Cuban Five

Publication of What Lies Across the Water, Stephen Kimber’s book about Cuban anti-terrorists serving wildly extravagant terms in U.S. jails, is a remarkable event. Previously appearing as an e-book, this is the first full – length book published in English on the so-called Cuban Five. They were arrested in Miami on September 12, 1998, and a worldwide movement on their behalf is demanding their freedom. Many view them as political prisoners.

Here is a link to the complete review:  http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/19/the-real-story-of-the-cuban-five/
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