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Minutes of the Peninsula Peace and Justice meeting of 02 11 2014

6:30 pm, Wilder Room, Blue Hill Public Library

Peter Robbins (facilitator), Steve Benson, Bonnie Preston, Judy Robbins, Tony Ferrara


1.     Alliance for Democracy is purchasing a copy of The Healthcare Movie to allow people to use it for house parties.  Bonnie will announce this as well as accompanying handouts available to use. The Blue Hill Library also has a copy available for loan. On 2/21 AfD will also be showing Inequality for All.

2.     Rob Shetterly is organizing a "Go Granny D" performance for  7:00 p.m. on Sunday April 6th in Emlen Hall in Blue Hill (which we are renting for the evening). There are five groups co-sponsoring the event. Dud and Bonnie will handle publicity. PPJ plans to set up the hall and organize refreshments.

3.     Peter has previewed Living Downstream and recommends it for screening. It regards health impacts due to environmental insults arising from heavy industry. We plan to show it at 7 pm on the 28th of February. Peter will prepare posters and a press release, and he will send it to Steve to disseminate. A 47-minute film called The Next American Revolution, primarily a lecture by Gar Alperovitz, was interesting in reflections on the changes in the roles of labor in our society. Tom Whitney is showing Slavery by Another Name, which Time reported on as giving voice to descendants of the Reconstruction and pre-Civil-War period.

4.     We agree to ask for Doug Kimmel to appear to lead discussion with a screening of Gen Silent, sponsored by SAGE and At Home Downeast and PPJ. Judy will propose spring dates to them.

5.     Bob Schaible passed on an interest in our taking advantage of an opportunity to accept an invitation to join the New England Network on Palestine. We see such participation as of potential mutual benefit and would willingly agree to join.

6.     Brief discussion about the potential development of a missile defense site in western central Maine. We hope to stay informed and understand the purpose and potential consequences of such a site. The topic will be on our agenda each month.

7.     We agree to plan to take down the Peace on Earth banners from poles along Maine Street in Blue Hill on Sunday morning February 23. Announcement will be forthcoming.

8.     We will defer for the time being from inviting a speaker from Massachusetts to present a slide show and talk about visiting Palestine. We look forward to presentations on this theme in the future, particularly from local activists and commentators.

9.     We discuss our interest in hosting an event with Bruce Gagnon to discuss US military policy centering on the "Asia Pacific Pivot," possibly in the spring of 2014. We will explore with Bruce his plans for speaking to Maine groups on the issues involved in this.

10.   In preparation for any PPJ discussions about the Field of Flags for 2014, Judy will contact the owners of the Main St. property to begin that conversation.



Minutes by Steve Benson
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