[HCCN] Act on Climate TODAY! Call-in to Congress!

Sass Linneken sass.rosc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 10:46:10 EDT 2015

Hey folks!

Citizen's Climate Lobby is down in DC getting ready to lobby Congress hard
tomorrow for action on climate change. Can you call your Rep and Senators
today to help put the pressure on?

See below for more details and a pre-made script!

In solidarity,

Sass Linneken
Program Coordinator
Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC)
207-607-2571 | sass.rosc at gmail.com | http://resourcesforsocialchange.org/

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  Make your voice heard
*Call Congress Now*
for Congressional Climate Message Day!

Greetings Climate Hero,

Today is Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Congressional Climate Message Day and
we're writing to remind you to call Congress and ask them to take action on

Tomorrow, 800 volunteers of Citizens’ Climate Lobby will descend on Capitol
Hill in Washington, DC, to lobby for legislation that will put a price on
carbon, create jobs, boost our economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and
save American lives.

You can help move us towards a climate solution by letting your
representatives and senators know that their constituents want Congress to
take action now to address climate change.
  Act now!
  *1. Call Congress*

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Please call your Representative and 2 Senators TODAY. It will only take a
few minutes, but it will have a huge impact in our efforts to fight climate

• Find your Senator’s contact information
• Find your Representative’s contact information
• Or be connected via the US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

Here is a *suggested message* to leave when you call:

*“Hi, My name is ________ and I’m calling from _________. I’d like to leave
a message for (Congress(wo)man/Senator)  __________. *

*I’m very concerned about global warming because (_________________).
Congress needs to do something about this, and I’d like to see
(Congress(wo)man/Senator)___________________ support legislation that
prices greenhouse gas emissions. Can you give (him/her) my message? *

*Thank you.”*

  *2. Tweet Congress*

Sample tweets: (pick one, or two, or three...)

.(@_insert your MOC Twitter handle here), have a great meeting with my
@CitizensClimate friends tomorrow! We need to put a price on carbon.

.(@_insert your MOC Twitter handle here), @CitizensClimate has the right
idea: Put a fee on carbon and give the money back to households. #climate

.(@_insert your MOC Twitter handle here), I’m a Catholic and I stand with
Pope Francis on #climatechange. Please price carbon @citizensclimate

.(@_insert your MOC Twitter handle here), Carbon Fee & Dividend: good for
the #climate AND economy. Support this George Shultz proposal

.(@_insert your MOC Twitter handle here), I want to leave a livable world
for my grandkids. Act on #climate change and price carbon @citizensclimate

  *3. Share on Facebook, Twitter or email*

After calling, please also share on Facebook and Twitter asking your
friends to call too!

*Sample Facebook message* (use this link in your post: http://tiny.cc/i8uhzx

Scientists say we must make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable
energy. Tomorrow 800 Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteers will be on Capitol
Hill asking for climate legislation to do just that. Call your
Representative and Senators TODAY and ask them to Act on Climate Change! (202)

*Sample Tweet*

Call Congress today to support @citizensclimate in DC tomorrow. Tell them
we need a price on carbon. http://tiny.cc/i8uhzx #SpeakUp4Climate

Include this image to increase the share-ability of your message.

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*Thanks for all you do to create the political will for a livable world!*


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