[HCCN] Lac Megantic Memorial/Push Back on Oil Trains

Sass Linneken sass.rosc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 10:24:32 EDT 2015


You are invited:

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​On Saturday, July 11, 350 Waldo County and SEEDs for Justice are hosting
an event to commemorate the lives lost in Lac Megantic and call for a halt
to oil by rail in the US. We will gather at the gazebo in the park (High
and Lawrence Streets) across from the library in Fairfield, Maine, which
was the site of a train blockade 10 days prior to the Lac Megantic
disaster. We will hear a few speeches, learn about oil-by-rail resistance
in the US, and remember those who died as a result of corporate greed and
lax regulation. The event will take about an hour.

If you can join us, please sign up at the ForestEthics site so we know we
can count on you! Sign up here:

Let's stop these bomb trains and keep the fossil fuels in the ground. We
owe it to the communities that are threatened by the shipments via rail; we
owe it to the people of North Dakota who are threatened by the extraction.​
Our railways were built to connect population centers, not carry hazardous
materials. Decades of housing discrimination means that 60 percent of the
25 million Americans who live in the blast zone are people of color

​ Whether or not you can join us in Fairfield, you can support this
resistance by writing a letter to the editor of your local
newspaper. Remember that elected officials carefully read local papers and
news websites-–all papers will have instructions on how to submit an op-ed
and an email.  Use Blast-Zone.org to highlight specific local places at
risk, talk about rail crossings, geographical features, waterways, parks,
and places that people from your city or town will know. Editors are
looking for content that is personal and specific to your place. Mainers
are especially looking at the railroad lines of Central Maine & Quebec
(which has said that it is not interested in carrying Bakken crude but
might have to if enough pressure is put on it by Irving or another
customer) and Pan Am (which runs through the southern portion of the state
and then connects to an eastern section of track to New Brunswick). Most
coastal towns in midcoast Maine are not in immediate danger from a bomb
train; however, Pan Am runs through Portland, Lewiston-Auburn and
Waterville, some of our population-dense cities.

Thank you for whatever support you can offer. Hope to see you in Fairfield
on July 11!

Peace and light,


Sass Linneken
Program Coordinator
Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC)
207-607-2571 | sass.rosc at gmail.com | http://resourcesforsocialchange.org/
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