[HCCN] Second the motion on Bob's GMO concerns

Dick Atlee atlee at dickatlee.com
Mon Oct 5 16:58:41 EDT 2015

I second Bob's concern about GMO's, and, in the case of autism, 
particularly the use of Monsanto's Round-up herbicide, which the use of 
GMOs encourage. Only in the last few weeks have Monsanto's research records 
-- that have been concealed by the EPA for three decades -- been forced 
into the open, and they tell a story that outdoes the tobacco disaster. If 
you want an interesting look at the metabolic pathways that Round-up 
damages -- pathways so fundamental that a wide array of the chronic 
diseases that have exploded since 1996 can be linked to them -- try either 
or both of the following interviews, one of Dr. Stefanie Seneff of MIT, the 
other of Dr. Don Huber (retired from Purdue, but one of the world's premier 
soil scientists):


Also, it has just been announced the the DARK Act (forbidding any state 
requirements for labeling of GMOs and making non-GMO labeling much more 
difficult), passed last June by the House, has just been scheduled for a 
Senate hearing in two weeks (Oct 21, though no bill number yet)


Neither King (202-224-5344) nor Collins (2302-244-2523) has taken a 
position on this, though King has in an ambiguous way said he thinks 
labeling is good. It is really important that you contact them and tell 
them you oppose the DARK Act, whether as a free standing bill or something 
tucked into a different bill.

Lots more info on GMOs at



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