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>     Deep Ecology is sometimes referred to as a "philosophy of ecological harmony". It is 
> also referred to as "ecophilosphy" which is an on-going comprehensive "deep" inquiry
> into values, the nature of the world, and ourselves.  The mission of "Deep Ecology"
> is to explore a diversity of perspectives on human-nature inter-relationships. The "Deep
> Ecology" movement was founded by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher and
> mountaineer, who viewed it as a grass-roots movement whose principles emerge
> from the "bottom up" rather than the "top down". Developing policies and 
> taking practical steps are an essential part of his platform principles. 
>      The "Deep Ecology Conference" will be held at UMaine's Hutchinson Center in Belfast
> on October 23 from 8:30 am registration to 5:30 pm closing. There will be three
> keynote speakers: Darren Ranco, Sherri Mitchell and Maria Girouard who will address
> ecological issues related to indigenous communities. After the morning and afternoon 
> speakers we will have round table discussions which will be facilitated by a leader familiar 
> with the topic. Such topics will include: poetry; flute music; therapeutic music, forgiveness; 
> organic gardening; permaculture; nonviolence; eco-system protection. In addition to facilitating 
> a discussion on music, Hawk Henries will also lead us in an hour of flute music during 
> the noon lunch hour. 

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