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Dear Friends,
I've been organizing a "Deep Ecology" Conference at UMaine Hutchinson Center
in Belfast that will take place next Friday. Anyone with an interest in the ecological 
principles noted below is welcome to attend.

     Deep Ecology is sometimes referred to as a "philosophy of ecological harmony". It is 
also referred to as "ecophilosophy" which is an on-going comprehensive "deep" inquiry
into values, the nature of the world, and ourselves.  The mission of "Deep Ecology"
is to explore a diversity of perspectives on human-nature inter-relationships. The "Deep
Ecology" movement was founded by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher and
mountaineer, who viewed it as a grass-roots movement whose principles emerge
from the "bottom up" rather than the "top down". Developing policies and 
taking practical steps are an essential part of his platform principles. 

     The "Deep Ecology Conference" will be held at UMaine's Hutchinson Center in Belfast
on October 23 from 8:30 am registration to 5:30 pm closing. There will be three
keynote speakers: Darren Ranco, Sherri Mitchell and Maria Girouard who will address
ecological issues related to indigenous communities. After the morning and afternoon 
speakers we will have round table discussions which will be facilitated by a leader familiar 
with the topic. Such topics will include: poetry; flute music; therapeutic music, forgiveness; 
organic gardening; permaculture; nonviolence; eco-system protection, Bhgavad Gita. 
In addition to facilitating a discussion on music, Hawk Henries will also lead us in an hour 
of flute music during the noon lunch hour. 

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