[HCCN] CITIZENFOUR, Laura Poitras film on Edward Snowden, Blue Hill Sept. 25

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Thu Sep 17 18:55:40 EDT 2015

> Oscar-winning Film on Edward Snowden 
> BLUE HILL — Peninsula Peace & Justice will show Citizenfour on ​Friday, September 25, at the Blue Hill Public Library. This 2014 winner of an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, by Laura Poitras, presents an intimate portrait of Edward Snowden over several days of June 2013 in a Hong Kong hotel suite as the story breaks of his release of revelatory internal records of American intelligence agencies’ comprehensive collection of telephone and internet data from domestic and foreign sources. 
>  In the film, Snowden begins to disclose to reporters from The Guardian newspaper of London some of the highly classified documents he discovered as a contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency. His findings would demonstrate unparalleled illegal and unconstitutional violations of American citizens’ privacy by their own government, along with its global secret surveillance of other governments. 

> Snowden reveals why he took steps likely to compromise his own freedoms in order to make this information available. He deliberates in conversation about when and how to reveal to the public his identity as the whistleblower, and he applies for refugee status while planning with others how to leave Hong Kong to avoid extradition.
> The film will be shown at Blue Hill Library, 7 p.m., Friday September 25. Free and open to the public. For more information, call 610-0396.
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