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Thu Jun 25 07:59:21 EDT 2020

You are invited to add your name to a Pledge Statement (see below) that will be published in The Weekly Packet and Island Advantages next week. To sign on please send your name to: kanelewisproductions at gmail.com <mailto:kanelewisproductions at gmail.com>     Deadline is Monday June 29.

This is an opportunity to publicly state your commitment to a society free of institutional racism and violence. Please share this with friends and neighbors and send a $donation of what you can to help with the cost of the ads (est. total $1530). Donations may be sent to Reversing Falls Sanctuary:
> via PayPal at this link:  
> https://reversingfalls.org/donate <https://reversingfalls.org/donate>
> or by check to:   Reversing Falls Sanctuary, PO Box 265, Blue Hill, ME  04614

> “No matter where we came from to inhabit America, no matter with what intention, no matter whether we came as colonizer, or land speculator, farmer, fleeing religious persecution or poverty, or forcibly brought here as slave or indentured servant, we all became part of a political, economic  and cultural society in direct contradiction of the values we professed -- freedom, unalienable rights, equality and the dignity of all people. Enormous wealth and privilege have been extracted from the land and labor of Indigenous, African American, Latinx  and Asian peoples. Never has the power and wealth of this country held itself to account for the brutality and hypocrisy of its history, nor for the legacy of its accumulated wealth. If we want to inhabit not only this land but also our own values, the time for that accounting is now.
> We, the undersigned members of this community, pledge ourselves to live lives free of bigotry and to work to rid our institutions -- legal, educational, financial, social, environmental -- of the systemic bias and violence that infects them. We will endeavor to create a culture which respects the humanity and value of everyone --  particularly  those who for centuries have suffered the scorn and exploitation of the majority.
> There will be immense joy in doing this work together.”     
> Thank you all for your concern for a safe community for all,
> Richard Kane, Melody Lewis-Kane and Robert Shetterly

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1257
Blue Hill ME 04614
judy at robbinsandrobbins.com
www.facebook.com/Peninsula.Peace.and.Justice <http://www.facebook.com/Peninsula.Peace.and.Justice>
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