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You may all be aware of the local situation, but for those not on MDI, this
may be new. This is a note I passed on to Jim Loewen, author of "Lies My
Teacher Told Me" and (more currently topical, about towns that banned
blacks after dark) "Sundown Towns."

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Perhaps you would be interested in something that happened here on liberal,
sophisticated Mount Desert Island in almost-lily-white Maine a couple of
weekends ago. There was a BLM rally on The Village Green in Bar Harbor,
organized by students from the high school. Something like 400 people
showed up (I missed it). One of the speakers (and organizers) was a student
named Charlie Parker, one of the very few black students at the high
school, who I knew only from watching basketball games, though it turns out
he also played football. Until now. At the rally, he gave a speech, which
was published in the local paper). I've scanned it FYI (attached).

Interestingly, just two days ago, the Bangor Daily News came out with an
article about the similarly hard time several black students in the Bangor
High School throughout their time there:


They had apparently talked with the City Council and School Committee at a
meeting last December, about the problem and the faculty/admin failure to

  (starting at 42:11)

but it doesn't sound like much was done about it. They were relieved when
remote school kicked in...
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