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> Hi Yosarian,
> While I appreciate your perspectives on various issues, I get a huge
> number of emails and need to limit how many I get. So, please take my email
> off your list for the future.
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> On May 10, 2022, at 9:13 AM, Yosarian <slack at prexar.com> wrote:
> Formula For Disaster
> A late breaking development in the deepening food crisis is a dearth of
> infant formula due to supply-chain shut-down by railroad trusts. American
> babies are starving for want of chemical-laced goop mass-produced in
> factories, like cars and tampons. Everyone knows mother’s milk is harmful
> for infants, contaminated as it is with heavy metals, PCBs, plastic
> nano-particles and radioactivity. It goes without saying mothers of
> toddlers do not have time, skills, or money to make baby pabulum from
> common kitchen ingredients. This is a stragedy in the making as inadequate
> nutrition early in life stunts a child’s physical and mental growth,
> resulting in weak, apathetic adults. Why would They want that??
> Yolanda Ruth-Leslie
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