a message from Occupy Maine



Contact Information Template: 
  • Location of Occupation:
  • Your name:
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone #:
  • Links to facebook, twitter, photo gallery, or website:
  • Date/Time/Place for your Occupy event:
We have added a page to the Occupy Maine website to open lines of communication/sharing across the state.  We are highlighting major events in which we hope all will participate.  In addition, our plans include listing all Occupations in cities, towns and villages around Maine. We also want to document as much information statewide as possible and provide links on this site so people all over the state can easily access it. 
We want to post links to all Maine occupations in the Statewide section of the website. So please send your Occupation Information to OccME.media@gmail.com and we will post links to your facebook, twitter, photo gallery, etc on the site. 
If you have any photos to share with us, we ask that you sign up for a free image hosting service such as www.flickr.com or www.photobucket.com or upload them to facebook, then email us a link to your photo gallery or facebook album. By doing this, you will save the media team a lot of time and allow them to simply add your gallery to the list, which will be categorized by location.


Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication.
-Media Team, Portland, Maine

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